American Icon - Jenny McCarthy in Playboy.

American beauty idol Jenny McCarthy is woman who keeps her status of sex-symbol through decades. Her first photo shoot was released in 1993 while her recent appeared in 2012. You may look and compare what changes happened. She transformed form amazing college girl to amazing mature woman. During two recent decades Jenny appeared on over dozen covers of Playboy arounf the world having seven appearances made for men's magazine.


Hottest German Soap Stars Who Posed for Playboy.

While American Playboy headhunters lost their ability to place top stars of their country en mass on magazine’s cover which they possessed in nineties, Germany still stays country where top famous women from spheres of entertainment and sports are available for such opportunity. In this special BC presents top eleven hottest Germany’s actresses who posed for Playboy and plus one meteo girl. If you like soap operas you may find one more reason to do so. And if you don't like them then maybe you will like german hot soap stars.

Pamela Anderson in classic Playboy photo shoot.

In february 1990 Pamela Anderson was declared to be playmate of the month. That was her first step on her way to starlit career. 90s was time when she together with other unbelievable blondes of Playboy established herself as internationally recognized sex-symbol.


Miss October Germany 2014 - Denise Cotte in Playboy.

Oktoberfest event is soon to come and Playboy Germany had already presented its oktoberfest playmate. amazing beautiful blonde from little bavarian town called Mühldorf am Inn - Denise Cotte became an addition of beauties from Bavaria who presented Oktoberfest. Her photo shoot was classical for the case rural one.

Princess - Kat Boë in Playboy Germany october 2014.

Once princess now Kat Boë appeared on pages of Playboy.

Kickboxing World Champion - Christine Theiss in Playboy Germany october 2014.

Christine Theiss is woman who can send to knock-out anybody as she is full-contact kickboxing World Champion. In addition she is also TV host and model.

Nude Celebrity Selfies - is Kate Upton in Danger?

Current international celebrity scandal featuring Kate Upton exploded as hacked nude photos of stars leaked to web. That raised questions of internet sefaty as we cannot be sure about availability of our iCloud and Google files to those who are not supposed to get them. Another speculated issue is that stars including gorgeous Kate were put into danger. What danger it is for Kate Upton? Do you really believe that she will suffer something? That she will become less famous? Maybe it is danger for other stars as their unedited photos may appear to be not as good as ones from their pro photo shoots. But it is not problem for Kate Upton. Miss Upton looks amazing no matter whether it is professional photo work or hurriedly-made selfie. Don't believe it? Just look and compare.

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