Jessica Ashley in Playboy.

Beautiful girl from Michigan Jessica Ashley appeared in many international issues including Playboy editions of Romnia, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia. She is undoubtedly one of the prettiest playmates of recent time. In January 2015 she was named playmate of month in Germany. Ashley is another interesting case of disagreement about measurements in playboy editorials around the world. German version says her breasts are 90 cm, russian version is only 81 cm, Slovenia gives 86 cm. There is also disagreement about her height. It should be or 175, or 178 cm. At least, everyone is sure that she was born in USA.


How to Know the Size after Look.

Sometimes Playboy model has different data about her breasts size in different international versions. If data may lie to you than how can you define real size of woman's breasts before making measurements? We sometimes may define the size approximately like we do always saying 'that is big' or 'that is not that big' or something else. But we even are not always able to say exactly about one thing that it is definitely bigger or smaller than other before measuring with some instrument. That should be rather difficult to define exact size just after look. You should take in account proportions and many things that may distort your perception. At least there is way to try training to do so. For example - by looking at things of different sizes. And BC has one method of visual training to propose. You will understand without words.
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