Miss April 2015 - Alexandra Tyler in Playboy.

Playboy presented former cheerleader Alexandra Tyler as their next playmate of the month. She became miss april 2015.

Kayslee Collins in Playboy april 2015.

BC's favorite Playmate of recent months - Kayslee Collins appeared on pages of Playboy april 2015 issue in photo shoot titled 'Behind the Music'. She portrayed some sort of pop star.


Chelsie Aryn for Playboy Plus.

Chelsie Aryn is a girl who posed for Playboy portraying cowgirl.

Nue York by Erica Simone.

Probably Erica Simone made something what some would call artistic exhibitionism, She walked through New York without clothes to create series of self-portraits called 'Nue York'.


Note on Blog's Restoration.

In beginning of march 2015 Boobs Chronicle blog was deleted by automatic Google system. It made mistake considering that blog may be spam-source. That is why blog was not available for two weeks. That was time it was needed for Google experts to check and to correct mistake. By request blog was restored by Google. I would note that currently aim of blog is not earning money, but collecting all of hottest girls of world 'in one box'. I hope none of you see any ads or spam on this blog, because I didn't install it. BC is free and open source solely devoted to beauty of women. BC uses only open internet sources to get content and do not copy anything illegal. BC doesn't post everything, but only best things. BC is not aimed to post porn. Plus BC makes original posts and 'photoshopped' images to make the blog brighter. To support the Boobs Chronicle blog join BC's Facebook page. Currently, temporary absence led to decrease in traffic. Blog recieves three times less views than before, but probably it is temporary thing. And no matter I am not worried about it that much as it doesn't effects something important in my life. I hope those who like the blog will continue to support it. Thanks to all who likes, shares posts via social media or just enjoys them. BC will keep going on.

Miss April 2015 Germany - Nicole Schumann in Playboy.

Nicole Schumann was chosen to be miss april 2015 in Germany.
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